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Let me show you how your business can achieve the same.

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Disney, Busch Gardens, Sony Music Entertainment, Dollywood…

What do these brands have in common?

All of them have profited from my creative and my strategies.


  • Don’t spend all your money on a new website
  • Don’t pull the trigger on “SEO” services as a cure to get more business

Without creative, your online marketing will appeal to nobody.
Without strategy, your efforts will produce no results.

Allow me to show you the new mindset, where the exact type of customers you need to reach are irresistibly attracted to your business.

Would you like to attract an audience interested in your business?
Would it be a good thing if you captured more leads through your website?

I know how to use the most effective strategies today so that your customers can find you, come to you, and eagerly hand you their money for your goods or services.

But before I explain any more, let me tell you just a bit about me…

My name is Alex Rodríguez, and I head up YMMY Marketing, a Digital Creative Agency. I’m the author of Digital BACON, a multi-lingual best-selling book in four different categories, including Sales & Marketing. I’m an international speaker and an award-winning creative strategist. I also host The Digital Marketing Minute, a daily podcast that has reached Top 20 Marketing Podcasts and Top 40 Business Podcasts on iTunes.

Speaking at The Future of Advertising conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

What do I do? I create amazing creative content based on solid market research, and I design strategies around remarkable creative.

Aside from running a successful digital agency, I help businesses of all sizes and stages of growth — and in pretty much any industry — present themselves online in the strongest and most effective manner, resulting in groundbreaking awareness and sales.

To be completely honest, I have no way to help you if:

  • You’re happy with your business having a humble little website that drives zero sales.
  • You’re OK with the idea of remaining undiscovered.
  • Your business has no plans to grow any further.
  • You’d rather try your luck in what “once upon a time” worked online, pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in random contractor fees (SEO, etc.), and be left wondering whether your investment will ever show any results.*

*(I’m not exaggerating on that last one. You’d be surprised at how many people desperately come to me after getting burned, tired of the crazy — and expensive — suggestions other “experts” have recommended them.)

However, if you want to increase sales this year, you must apply a tailored creative strategy that pulls visitors — many of whom are already looking around the Web for what you are offering — and motivates them to take action.

I’m sure you’ve heard about countless businesses in your industry that invest gobs of money in online tactics that simply do not work — maybe your business is one of these.

If this this true, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This only means your business has spent time, efforts, and budgets expecting a favorable outcome, and unfortunately achieving poor results.

There’s some great news, though, and I would like to ask you to please read this carefully: Your competition is probably doing the exact same things as well. This means that the path to elevate your business above your competition’s is extremely simple:

Apply proven creative strategies that your competition is frankly unaware of today.

What I’ll do for you:

I will craft the most effective strategy for your online presence, based on actual research, and inform you on what creative you should invest in, so you can achieve amazing results this year.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill in the form below for a free confidential 15-minute discussion, in which I will learn about your business, and you will understand exactly what I can do for you. Don’t worry, I hate pushy-salesy type stuff as much as you do. We’ll keep our talk simple, friendly, direct, and informative for both of us.
  • Based on our conversation, if you decide my approach works for your business, and we find we’re a fit for each other… great! We will schedule a separate hour-long meeting I call a Discovery Session, during which I will bring you solid recommendations on how to strengthen four different aspects of your online presence.
  • After you receive my recommendations, you will be able to decide whether to implement them yourself, or to bring me and my team on to help handle everything for you… absolutely your choice. Either way, you will have a roadmap on exactly what needs to get done to set up an online presence that attracts more business to you.

If we decide to book the hour-long Discovery Session, then logically, I will charge a reasonable fee for this well-researched roadmap towards your business’ success.

In my Discovery Session you will:

  • …find out how to improve the user experience on your current online assets, so you can turn passive visitors into customers more easily.
  • …understand exactly what changes need to take place before your website is “ad-ready.”
  • …discover how to make your site compliant for the main players in the search engine space — like Google — in order for them to place your site in more relevant search results.
  • …understand the main “tweaks” you can apply to your online presence as a whole — including social media channels — to elevate your brand and attract more inquiries.
  • …find out other places your customers may be hanging out, which you may be unaware of.
  • …define simple changes you could apply to make your offer more attractive for the online marketplace.

Nobody of my calibre will offer you the incredible level of value that I will deliver to you. I guarantee this value to such a degree that, in the end, you simply can’t lose.

Why do I say “you can’t lose”? Don’t worry, I will explain everything in our first call, before you make any commitments.

Let’s give your business 15 minutes to discover a new approach.

If 15 minutes with me — no strings attached — sounds good to you, contact me today for a free confidential discussion:

I’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the world, producing high-end creative and strategies that have positively impacted their bottom line.

If this could help move your business forward, let me show you how to take hold of online opportunities available to you right now.

*My assistant will be in contact with you to arrange a day and time for our talk.